February 19logo_7, 2016 – February 26, 2017

Exhibition of Provident Hospital: A Living Legacy at the International Museum of Surgical Science

Provident Hospital can claim a number of “firsts”in the history of American healthcare. It was the first private hospital in the state of Illinois to provide internship opportunities for black physicians and the first to establish a school of nursing to train black women. It was one of the first black hospitals to provide postgraduate courses and residences for black physicians and the first black hospital approved by the American College of Surgeons for full graduate training in surgery. Provident also offered an important forum, a proving ground for ideas about black self-­determination and institutional survival. “Provident Hospital: A Living Legacy” at the International Museum of Surgical Science is the story of this landmark institution, told through rarely exhibited records, photographs and physical objects (including historic uniforms) from the Hospital’s history. Organized as a collaboration between the Provident Foundation, organized to preserve the legacy of Provident Hospital and its founder Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, and the International Museum of Surgical Science, “Provident Hospital: A Living Legacy” examines health history and social history as not only parallel but interdependent in this country.

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This exhibit is created by The Provident Foundation:

And made possible with major contributions from:

Dr. Michael Simon
David J. Vitale
Drs Raymond Curry and Kristi Kirschner
The Office of Civic Engagement – University of Chicago
Drs Joan & Jeffrey Matthews
Gary and Denise Gardner Foundation
Leslie Pilot-Gatton
Emancipated Partners

The Provident Foundation also recognizes

Provident Babies:

Arthur Slater
Dr. Doriane Miller
Dr. Thomas Pitts

Provident School of Nursing Alumni:

Dr. Vivre McClellan
Dr. Sarah Crawley

The collection on view is on loan from Chicago State University, Archives and Special Collections