Sample Work GuidelinesĀ 

All submitted work samples should have been completed within the past four (4) years. A note of explanation should accompany any work sample completed outside of this time frame.

One scholarly paper or article that does not exceed 25 pages, including all footnotes, endnotes, and images. Upload a PDF file in manuscript format, double-spaced, and in an easily readable 10- or 12- point font. The file cannot exceed 10MB.

All Artists
Any work done with a collaborator must be noted. Please describe your role with respect to the work. Please submit samples of critical reviews of your work, if available.

Film/Video Arts
Submit two different film or video samples. Work-in-progress is fine. Do not submit trailers as your work sample(s). If the applicant plans to produce a video work intended for a gallery installation and/or presentation, the application should be submitted as a visual artwork.

Feature Length:
For feature length or films that exceed five minutes, upload two 5-minutes excerpts. Files cannot exceed 120 MB each.

In addition, if the full work is available online through Vimeo, or SoundCloud, please note the location (webpage/URL) in the application.

Upload a PDF file of a full screenplay. File cannot exceed 10 MB.
Upload a PDF file of a one-page summary of the same screenplay.
Upload a visual sample (less than 5 minutes), if available, of the same project or another project. File cannot exceed 120 MB.

Submit documentation of two different works, at least one of which was completed within the last four (4) years, with recording and score, as directed below.
Upload an audio recording of each work:

  • One track per piece, movement, or excerpt (no more the five tracks per work).
  • Please title the audio file to correspond with the title (and movement ) of the score.
  • Audio files are limited to 30 MB in size.

Composers must also upload the score as a PDF file of the submitted work.
Please title the PDF of the score or lead sheet to correspond with the title of the audio file. Composers who do not use traditional scores must upload a PDF describing the transmission/performance method of their work, in the work sample section of the application.

Following the guidelines noted below, submit a sample of a completed work. Do not submit works-in-progress.
Directors: DVD of a performance.
Playwrights: Submit a section of a produced play, up to 15 pages total.

Visual Artists
Upload eight digital images:

  • Preferred file size for all still images is less than 3MB each
  • Only one artwork per image, unless it is an installation view.
  • Two of the eight images may be detail shots, installation views (to show scale), or video, when appropriate.

Submit a writing sample of completed work or work-in-progress. The title of the work should appear on the top of each paper of the uploaded file.
Upload a PDF file in manuscript format, double-spaced, and in an easily readable 10- or 12- point font. File cannot exceed 10MB.
Fiction writers: 15 pages minimum, 25 pages maximum
Nonfiction writers: 15 pages minimum, 25 pages maximum
Poets: 6-10 poems in ONE PDF document. Poets do not need to double-space their submissions. Total sample should not exceed 15 pages.
Journalists: Submit 3 substantive published articles, up to 20 pages total.