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Amina Wadud papers

In 1972, American born Mary Teasley converted to Islam and by 1974 her name was officially changed to Amina Wadud to reflect her chosen religious affiliation. Coinciding with her conversion, was a shift in her university studies from education to Islam. Over the next few years, Wadud would become fluent in Arabic and earn her master's and PhD degrees from

Anthony Rayson zine collection

Anthony Rayson (b. 1954) is a writer, political activist, and self-described anarchist. Rayson authored the zine Thought Bombs, creates and contributes to numerous other zines, and assists incarcerated people with the publication and distribution of their own zines. Rayson operates South Chicago ABC Zine Distro, a distribution network that provides zines to incarcerated people free-of-charge.

Charles Smith papers

A member of the Victory Gardens Playwrights Ensemble, Charles Smith has seen his plays produced throughout Chicago and the United States by companies such as the Goodman Theatre, the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, the Seattle Repertory Theatre, and the St. Louis Black Repertory Theatre. Smith is also the author of two Emmy Award-winning teleplays, Fast Break to Glory and Pequito. Nine

Chicago Great Lakes Underground Press collection

This collection began during the first annual Underground Press Conference in Chicago in August 1994. The initial plan was to build a collection of correspondence and other operational documents of the underground press and zine community in the Midwest. However, due to the informal nature of many underground presses, the original objectives were redefined to focus on collecting zines only.

DePaul University Black Student Union records

The Black Student Union (BSU), officially recognized by the Student Activity Council on February 20, 1968, was originally active in the late 1960s through mid-1970s and strove to unify African- Americans at DePaul. Beginning in 1968 the BSU worked with the Committee on Human Relations to enact changes at DePaul related to campus life, curriculum, staff, and expansion of university

DePaul University Student Affairs records

The Student Affairs collection is a sprawling record group containing documentation from university offices devoted to student life, activities, and issues, as well as materials from specific student organizations. These student groups include sororities, fraternities, and groups organized around a wide variety of social, cultural, and academic interests. Administrative files document campus food service, scholarships, policies and procedures, strategic planning,

Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence records

The Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) is a private, not-for-profit corporation composed of member organizations throughout the state which are committed to the common goal of preventing and eliminating domestic violence by providing a statewide network of services and through exposing and educating about the roots of such violence. The Coalition was founded in January, 1978 when representatives from

Ladies of Charity of the United States of America (LCUSA) records

The Ladies of Charity have been established in the United States since December 8, 1857 with the founding of the Guardian Angel Settlement Association in St. Louis, Missouri. Although other Ladies of Charity associations formed elsewhere in the country, it was not until their centennial in 1957 that a national organization was conceptualized. At the annual meeting for all Ladies

Lincoln Park Conservation Association records

The Lincoln Park Conservation Association (LPCA) was formed in March of 1954 to combat the physical deterioration of Lincoln Park. As an umbrella organization, LPCA connected neighborhood associations to one another as well as to the Lincoln Park Community Conservation Council (LPCCC) and the Department of Urban Renewal (DUR). Organized efforts to combat the physical degradation of Lincoln Park began

Muslim Students’ Association collection

The Muslim Students’ Association was formed in 1963 by a small group of Muslim students from the University of Illinois. The original purposes of the MSA were to provide an active social and community-oriented outlet for Muslim students, to abolish ignorance surrounding Islam, to promote a sense of brotherhood among Muslims, to create good relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, and