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Austin Community Collection

The collection contains manuscript, print and photographic documentation on demographic, economic, cultural, social, political, and religious development of the Austin neighborhood. The collection contains biographical information on Austin residents, as well as information on businesses, religious institutions clubs and organizations, hospitals, municipal agencies, parks, residences, schools, streets, transportation, and wartime activities.

Austin Newspapers Collection

The collection contains community newspapers includes The Austin Herald, The Austin News, The Austinite, The Austin Voice, The Austin Weekly News, and The Windy City Word. The issues primarily span 1970-1997.

Chicago Department of Urban Renewal Records

The records in this collection were created and collected by the Department of Urban Renewal, its predecessors and other Chicago city departments with duties related to planning and development. The majority of the collection is comprised of photographs, contact sheets, negatives and slides of Chicago neighborhoods considered and targeted for improvement, including images that show buildings and neighborhoods that were

Institute for Community Empowerment records

The Institute for Community Empowerment (ICE) was founded in the 1980s by Chicago community leaders and activists. ICE works with urban communities ""in crisis"" where residents have faced wrenching dispossession and relocation owing to political, social, and/or economic forces seemingly beyond local control. To counteract the democratic deficit typically lying at the root of such communities' problems, ICE provides residents