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Annie Smith photographs of CHA residents

Views of residents of Chicago Housing Authority’s Ida B. Wells, Clarence Darrow, and Madden Park Homes. Includes informal portraits of residents inside and outside their apartments as well as exterior views of the buildings, including scenes of building demolition and residents with Congressman Barack Obama. The artist’s statement as well as detailed descriptions and narratives of the photographs by Smith

Grassroots Chicago Video Project records

Grassroots Chicago is a 30-minute 1991 video directed by Steve James and produced by Kartemquin Films. It is a documentary about neighborhood people creating change. Produced for the MacArthur Foundation, this piece features six vignettes on community organizing in six different Chicago neighborhoods.

John Anthony Brooks photographs of CHA residents

Photographs of residents of apartments in the Rogers Park community area of Chicago (Ill.) whose rents were subsidized through the Chicago Housing Authority’s Section 8 program, allowing them to relocate from public housing projects that were in the process of being dismantled. Includes informal portraits of people inside their homes, usually posing or interacting with family members.

John Munn papers

John Munn married Mary Jane Buchanan Meek in 1838, and they had two children while residing in Canton, Mississippi (Charles and Mary) and two more children after moving, in 1849, to Utica, N.Y., George (1851-1907) and Sarah. Munn's nephew was Henry Clark, a Chicago lawyer; Munn's son-in-law and executor of his estate was Joseph M. Cook.

The Last Pullman Car Film Project records

The Last Pullman Car is a 56-minute 1983 film by Kartemquin Films. In 1864, George Pullman began selling his famous railroad sleeping cars which helped him build a vast industrial empire that was supposed to last forever. In 1981, however, Pullman workers found themselves in the midst of a fight not only for their jobs but the future of the

Oral History Interviews with Staff and Residents of Stateway Gardens

Oral history interviews of staff and residents of Stateway Gardens, one of the Chicago Housing Authority's facilities in Chicago (Ill.). Topics include family, children, and daily life in public housing.

Pullman Company Records

Records of this railroad sleeping-car operator and manufacturer. The Pullman Company (originally Pullman's Palace Car Company) revolutionized rail travel, dramatically increased employment opportunities for African Americans who served as porters on its cars, and had a significant impact on the American labor movement. Records for the entire firm are included until the mid-1920s division into operating and manufacturing companies; after