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Hum 255 Film Project elements

"Hum 255" is a 28-minute 1970 film by Kartemquin founders Gordon Quinn, Gerald Temaner, and others. In 1968, striking students at the University of Chicago occupied an administration building. Many were suspended and a few were expelled. A year later, two expelled young women were asked by their former classmates to talk about the experience as a class project. The

Office of Student Affairs -- Organizations and Activities -- Publications -- Chicago Circle Focus (February 12, 1968 - October 28, 1968)

Chicago Circle Focus (February 12, 1968- October 28, 1968) is an independent student newspaper which was left-of-center, focusing on the issues of black power, war protests, dissident faculty and student groups, third world issues, the draft, and campus speakers and activities reflecting these concerns, as well as movie and theatre reviews. It was published by and for the students at

Records of the Department of African-American Student Affairs

The Records of the Department of African American Student Affairs (AASA), filling three boxes and spanning the years 1966 to 2001, contain valuable information on the development of the Black community at Northwestern University. The bulk of the records consist of historical information and materials relating to organizations, programs, and events under the sponsorship of the office. The Historical Records

Russ Gilbert "New Left" Pamphlet collection

This collection contains papers, publications, and clippings that deal with various "New Left" organizations and their causes. The dominant areas of concern are opposition to the Vietnam War, social justice for women and African Americans, and the advocacy of the interests of rank and file workers in various industries.

Student Protests and Strikes at Northwestern University, 1965-1979

The Student Protests and Strikes Collection consists of diverse materials that document political demonstrations and protests organized by students, spanning from August 1965 through October 1979. Each event included in this collection documents a segment of the history of Northwestern students' political activism. The collection as a whole illustrates the ascendance of political activism among NU students and faculty, both

Students for a Democratic Society collection

The collection consists of statements, newspapers, newsletters, and a resolution pertaining to the educational and social action activities of the Students for a Democratic Society.

Sussman, Alan. Collection

Alan Sussman, a lawyer and author specializing in civil rights, received a B.A. and M.A. from University of Chicago. This collection contains pamphlets, newsletters, broadsides, clippings, handbills, notices, correspondence and other material representing political organizations and movements of the 1960s.

University of Chicago. Office of Student Activities. Records

The University of Chicago's Office of Student Activities supported student life by advising and advocating for student organizations, coordinating space and facilities for events and meetings, creating programming, and helping student groups maintain financial stability. This collection consists of the administrative records of the Office of Student Activities from 1921 to 1981, with a concentration of material in the 1960s

University of Chicago. Politics and Protest. Collection

This collection documents political and protest movements at the University of Chicago throughout the in the mid and late-twentieth century. It contains articles, correspondence, event flyers, newspaper clippings, meeting agendas, reports, official statements, position papers, and unofficial student literature. Materials date from 1935 to 1991, with the bulk of the material dating between 1966 and 1970.

University of Chicago. Student Government. Records

The University of Chicago's Student Government advocates for student issues in cooperation with the governing bodies of university faculty and administration. During the mid- to late-twentieth century, Student Government was active in campus programming, funded student organizations, participated in national student groups, and supported the student body's involvement with political and social issues. This collection includes administrative and procedural records

Vogel, Virgil J. Collection

Virgil J. Vogel (1918-1994) was an historian, political organizer, activist, educator and University of Chicago alumnus. The Virgil J. Vogel Collection spans 1903-1980 and represents the political activities of Vogel and his associate, the Socialist Party organizer Benjamin Williger. Included are records of a wide variety of leftist political organizations, particularly the the Socialist Party and the Young People's Socialist