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Commission on Race and Housing. Records1955-1958

The Commission on Race and Housing Papers contain the reports of the Commission, which was an independent, citizens' group formed in 1955 for the purpose of inquiring into problems of residence and housing involving racial and ethnic minority groups in the United States.

Guide to Jean Marie Cahusac, Lettres de Mr. Cahusac, Américain, Juge de Paix à Fleurance, Manuscript,1806-1836

Copies of 94 pieces of correspondence and other documents concerning the travels of Cahusac to the United States, Guadalupe, St. Thomas, and Haiti. Text in French. Codex Ms 798.

Guide to the Alan Sussman Collection, 1962-1968

Alan Sussman, a lawyer and author specializing in civil rights, received a B.A. and M.A. from University of Chicago. This collection contains pamphlets, newsletters, broadsides, clippings, handbills, notices, correspondence and other material representing political organizations and movements of the 1960s.

Guide to the Alfred Willis Collection of African-American Popular Fiction, 1958-2016

A collection of over 1300 paperback volumes of African-American popular fiction, chiefly romance novels. The collection was formed by Alfred Willis, a 1986 graduate of the Graduate Library School at the University of Chicago.

Guide to the Allison Davis Papers1932-1984

Allison Davis (1902-1983), Professor of Education. The papers contain reprints, manuscripts, and annotated drafts, field notes and various interview data from key projects, correspondence and enclosures, research notes, and associated works by colleagues.

Guide to the Alton Abraham Collection of Sun Ra, 1822-2008

Alton Abraham (1927-1999), entrepreneur and hospital technician, was a longtime friend and business associate of Sun Ra (1914-1993), the influential jazz composer and musician. Alton Abraham collected manuscripts, business records, printed ephemera, artifacts, photographs, audio and video recordings, and other documents of his work with Sun Ra. The collection contains textual, graphic, and audio-visual records of the work of Sun

Guide to the American Civil Liberties Union Illinois Division Records1920-1982

Documents the activities of the Illinois Division of the American Civil Liberties Union from its founding through the early 1980s. Includes case files, finances and fundraising information, individual and institutional correspondence, minutes, newsletters and publications, film, audio cassettes, and photographs.

Guide to the American Veterans Committee, Chicago Area Council Records, 1946-1973

The collection contains documents from the American Veterans Council, founded in 1944 and disbanded in 2003. The American Veterans Council was a liberal Veterans’ organization that sought to protect and extend Democracy. The collection spans from 1946-1973, with the bulk of the collection from 1946-1958. Researches interested in union and or Veterans history, especially with regards to Chicago, will find

Guide to the Annette Medow Barrash Collection, 1945-1992

Annette Medow Barrash (b. December 21, 1923, d. July 26, 2019) was a teacher and community activist with a focus on public education and school desegregation in Chicago. She graduated from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and mathematics and became involved with the Citizens Schools Committee. As Vice President of the Committee, Medow

Guide to the Anthony Braxton Collection, 1973-1992

Anthony Braxton, music professor, composer, and jazz musician. The Anthony Braxton Collection contains concert and lecture ephemera as well as a score titled L/C-J-637 (for orchestra).

Guide to the Barrett Deems Paperscirca 1950s-1999

Barrett Deems, drummer. The Barrett Deems Papers contain articles, correspondence, photographs, obituaries and funeral programs, concert and event ephemera, publications, organization newsletters, and a poster.

Guide to the Bob Koester Collection, 1958-1982, 2001

Bob Koester, record collector, owner of Delmark Records and Jazz Record Mart in Chicago. The Bob Koester Collection includes issues of Jazz Report and Music Memories and Jazz Report.

Guide to the Bob Richards Productions. Collection, undated

The Bob Richards Productions Collection contains a photograph of Ray Brown and Roy Eldridge.

Guide to the Carl Van Vechten Photograph Collection, 1932-1956

The Carl Van Vechten Photograph Collection consists of 347 mounted photographs taken by American photographer Carl Van Vechten between 1932 and 1956. The bulk of the collection consists of portrait photographs of artists, entertainers and other prominent subjects. A smaller portion of the collection is an assortment of American landscapes.

Guide to the Carnegie Council on Children Records, 1972-1980

The Carnegie Council on Children was an independent study commission established in 1972 by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The Council undertook a comprehensive examination of the position and needs of children in American society and formulated a series of recommendations for new directions in public policy towards children and families. Conclusions reached by Council members and associates were

Guide to the Charles Bryant Frederick Weeks Papers, 1922-2004

Charles Bryant Frederick Weeks, drummer, banker, and board member of the Jazz Institute of Chicago. The Charles Bryant Frederick Weeks Collection includes ephemera on events and organizations in Chicago, administrative records for the Jazz Institute of Chicago, correspondence, catalogs, method books, audio material, articles, photographs, and a scrapbook. The collection documents Weeks' professional life and involvement in Chicago jazz, jazz

Guide to the Charles E. Merriam Papers, 1893-1957

Charles E. Merriam, professor of Political Science and politician. Candidate for mayor of Chicago, 1911 and 1919. Founder, Social Science Research Council, 1924. Contains personal and professional correspondence; manuscripts; class notes Merriam took as a student; memoranda; election campaign material; minutes; reports; scholarly and political speeches; articles; diaries; book reviews; degrees; and scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, photographs, and memorabilia. Materials

Guide to the Charles Morton Agency Collection of American Popular Drama, 1842-1950

The collection holds theatrical plays of the late 19th early 20th centuries, film screenplays from the Depression and New Deal periods, as well as television scripts from the 1950s. The majority of the plays were written, copyrighted, or possibly produced by Charles Morton and his agency.

Guide to the Charles Walton Collection, circa 1930s-1940s

Charles Walton, drummer and author. The Charles Walton Collection contains a photograph of jazz musicians, including legendary vibraphonist Lionel Hampton, circa late 1930s-1940s.

Guide to the Chicago Citizens Police Committee Records, 1929-1931

The Chicago Citizens' Police Committee, 1929-1931, was formed to investigate the Chicago Police Department. The results of the study were published in The Chicago Police Problems. The records include correspondence of Leonard D. White, second chairman and treasurer of the Committee; financial statements; and minutes of the committee.

Guide to the Chicago Repertory Group Collection of Scripts and Scrapbooks1933-1947

The Chicago Repertory Group Collection, presented to the University Library in June, 1958, by Gertrude Gunter Soltker, an original member of the group, consists of typescripts, carbons, and mimeograph copies of 267 plays, songs, and sketches used by the group, as well as six scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, programs, and publicity for the group.

Guide to the Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy. Records, 1903-1922

The Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy was established in 1908. Growing out of the settlement house movement, it sought to combine social work education with actual social work. Faculty and students were involved with juvenile delinquency, truancy, vocational training, and housing. In 1920 it merged with the University of Chicago's Philanthropic Division to become the School of Social Service

Guide to the Civic Disarmament Committee for Handgun Control Records1968-1978

The Civic Disarmament Committee for Handgun Control was founded in 1971 by Hyde Park activist and writer Laura Fermi. The group sought was to reduce handgun violence through promotion of government legislation, public education campaigns, and enforcement of existing handgun laws. This collection includes the group's correspondence; administrative records; position statements and publicity material; and research on crime, handgun legislation

Guide to the Cleaner Air Committee of Hyde Park-Kenwood Records, 1959-1972

The Cleaner Air Committee of Hyde Park-Kenwood, organized in April 1959 by a group of women led by Laura Fermi, sought to educate the community to the dangers posed by air pollution as well as to monitor local smoke emission violations. Contains membership lists, minutes, correspondence, clippings, statements made at public hearings, and publications.

Guide to the Dan Grzeca Collection, 1997-2006

Dan Grzeca artist, painter, and printmaker. The Dan Grzeca Collection contains posters, programs, and print works for various concerts and venues.