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Abbé Forget du Verger petition

Contemporary copy of petition from Fort de Chartres, by Abbé Forget du Verger, Vicar General of the Mission of Illinois, to manumit three enslaved African American people belonging to the Mission; petition addressed to Neyon de Villiers an Bobé Desclouseaux. Petition granted. Rewritten by Bobé. Further certification signed by Francisco Cruzat, Mar. 3, 1787.

Felix Vallé letter

Letter by Felix Vallé, St. Genevieve, Missouri, to Pierre Menard. Discusses the sale of an enslaved person by G. Beauvais to Auguste Chouteau.

Louis Villars petition

Petition from St. Louis, to Don Pedro Piernas for manumission of the enslaved woman Julie; on verso, petition granted and signed by Piernas and Datchurut and Sarpy, merchants, residing on the Spanish side.

Pierre Chouteau papers

Various items of Chouteau mainly regarding financial matters. Includes: Letter written in St. Louis to Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Menard, Kaskaskia; personal matters; also mentions the sale of land near Fort Chartres (1807 September 26, Autograph letter signed, 2 pages); St. Louis. Document of sale of a racially mixed woman by Pelagie Chouteau to Pierre Chouteau, document signed by S.