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American Civil War Era Sheet Music Collection

Music played an essential role during the American Civil War, both for the soldiers actively fighting and people on the home front. The majority of the sheet music in this collection was published during the American Civil War, by Chicago music publishing companies Root & Cady and H.M. Higgins, featuring composers and lyricists like Henry C. Work and George F.

Davis, Jefferson, Trial Papers. MS 979

MS 979 Jefferson Davis Trial papers. These fourteen documents indicate the legal entanglements, ambiguous delays, political floundering, and shifting of responsibilities that occurred during the period from Jefferson Davis' first indictment for treason, on May 10, 1866, through March 6, 1868, when the trial, finally set for March 26, 1868, was postponed again. The collection includes seven original letters and

Leroy Pope Walker papers

Telegrams (3) received by Gen. Braxton Bragg from Walker, Secretary of War, Confederate States of America (Apr. 11, 12, 13, 1861), plus a dispatch dated Apr. 12, 1861, giving an account of the bombardment of Fort Sumter. Also, document by Walker to newspaper correspondents, July 1, 1861, urging them not to reveal military intelligence to the North; Walker's appointment of