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DuSable Research files

Elma Stuckey Photograph Collection

Photographs of Elma Stuckey; her daughter Delois Jean Morrison; and her friends and colleagues James Crawford, Frank Fancher, William H. Walker, Barbar Carson, Margaret Borroughs. Includes photographs related to the teaching careers of Stuckey (in Tennessee) and Morrison (at Avalon Park Elementary School).

Eric Werner Photographs

Eric Werner was born in Riverside California, but his family moved to Chicago when he was 3 years old. After serving in Vietnam in the 1970s, Werner came back to follow his lifelong passion for photography, working as a public relations photographer for most of his life. He also documented community organizing and events, and musicians, as well as other

Harold Washington Archives and Collections. Mayoral Records. Press Office Photographs

Harold Washington was the first African American mayor of Chicago, elected in 1983. The Press Office was part of the Office of the Mayor, and was responsible for the mayor's scheduling and for ensuring he was prepared for each event by producing briefing notes with detailed background information. The photographs, contact sheets and negatives in this collection were mostly taken

Langston Hughes Society records

Langston Hughes was an American poet.