On behalf of the Black Metropolis Research Consortium, you are invited to our BMRC Summer 2022 Fellows Presentation Series. This is an opportunity to learn more about the current research of our ‘22 BMRC Fellows, each pinpointing a specific aspect of Black Chicago’s history and culture that aligns with their overall research area. Fellows will provide context for their research, share the intent of their specific summer project, discuss the significance and impact of their findings thus far and plans for further study.

SERIES PRESENTATION DATES: Summer series complete. Stay tuned for a fall presentation soon!

September 9 (11:00 AM CT)
"A Divided Bronzeville: How Race and Class Created Separate Housing Institutions for African Americans in the Black Metropolis"- Brandon Stokes, University of Indiana Bloomington

September 15 (12:00 PM CT)
"The Settler Colonial and Anti-Black Foundations of Urban Renewal in Chicago"
- Peter Kent Stoll, University of Massachusetts Amherst

August 15 (11:00 AM CT)
"From the Front Door to the Factory Floor: Triumphs and Tribulations of Black Autonomy in the Interwar Illinois Communist Party"-Daniel Candee, University of Chicago

August 12 (12:00 PM CT)
"Comparative Practices in New Play Development, Conversant with Chicago’s Black Arts Movement"- Paul Michael Thomson, University of Massachusetts Amherst

August 3 (Annual Mtg)
“Wagons and Warehouses: Civil Rights Organizing in Chicago, 1942-1966"
- Michelle Johnson, Yale University

July 22 (8:00 PM CT)
"Against Gravity: Flying Afrikans & Other Urban Legends"- Andre Zachery, Renegade Performance Group, NY

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