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May 1, 2024

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When you donate to the BMRC, you are supporting the work of telling more complete histories of the Black experience.

The BMRC was begun in 2006 with the bold idea that archival materials about and by Black people in Chicago area archives, libraries, and museums should be better known, more accurately described, more accessible and greater valorized.

Today, the BMRC, a consortium of more than 20 member institutions, is an independent organization, hosted at the University of Chicago. We depend on the generous support of donors to do our work.

The BMRC provides internships for undergraduate and graduate students and competitive research fellowships for scholars, writers and artists at our member institutions. Our Archives Portal - is a freely accessible, web-based platform that allows the public to access descriptive information on archival records related to Black Chicago held in BMRC member institution collections. Our Public Programming provides platforms for scholars to discuss their work with the public and member institutions to highlight key collections.

Donate to the BMRC and support the work of archiving, imparting, and valuing Black Chicago culture and history.

Your donation to the BMRC is tax-deductible. To ensure that your donation goes directly to the BMRC, please follow these steps:

1.) Visit Giving UChicago

2.) For "School or Division" select Library

3.) For "Specific Fund" select Black Metropolis Research Consortium

Thank you for supporting the BMRC and Black historical collections! Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our upcoming events, programs and initiatives.

Our Supporters

The BMRC receives some financial support from: our host institution, the University of Chicago; our member institutions in the form of membership fees; private donations; and the following foundations who support our work:

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