Archives Awareness

Do you have questions about what archives are, what archivists do, and how you can collect or use archival materials yourself? Please find resources here to answer your questions!

Archives Storage, Special Collections Research Center, U of Chicago Library

What are archives?

Learn more about what materials make up archival collections and why they are used for research and other purposes.

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Who are archivists?

Hear from six Black Chicagoland archivists about the work they do at their institutions, what memory work means to them, and why legacy management is important for Black communities. Watch the recordings of our two-part Archives Awareness Panel Series.

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How do I collect and preserve archival materials myself? What if I want to donate them to an institution?

Visit our Legacy Management Resource Portal for more information on managing your own archival collections or donating them to an archival repository like a library or museum.

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How do I find archival materials to look at myself?

Visit our Research Help page to learn more about how you can find historical collections and view archival materials at a repository.

This resource was created by Jehoiada Calvin (f.k.a. T Calvin), Community Engagement Archivist, in 2022.