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Charles Walton Papers

Charles Walton was a jazz drummer, music educator, and author of "Bronzeville Conversations," a research and oral history project that documented the jazz and blues world in Black Chicago. Walton was born in Selma, Alabama and moved to Chicago's South Side as a child. Following high school, Walton joined the United States Navy and later attended Kentucky State College and

Evanston Community Development Corporation Records

The Evanston Community Development Corporation was founded in July 1975. It worked to foster and coordinate community rehabilitation of residential and commercial areas, eliminate deteriorating sections of the city's African-American community, and engender economic development in the city of Evanston, Illinois. The Evanston Community Development Corporation disbanded in the 1990s. The collection covers the organizational history including meetings, proposals, resolutions,

Joseph W. Rollins, Jr. papers

Joseph Rollins, Jr., son of Hall Branch librarian Charlemae Rollins, grew up in “the Rosenwald,” attended DuSable High School, and served in World War II. In the 1960s he became an executive in the Federal government’s Office of Economic Opportunity. He was later in a leading position at Arthur Anderson, Inc. After the death of his mother in 1979, Rollins

Neighborhoods, Keepers of Culture Project video archives

Items collected as part of the ""Neighborhoods, Keepers of Culture Project"" of the Chicago Historical Society, which focused on the following community areas: Near West Side, East Garfield Park, Lower West Side (Pilsen), South Lawndale (Little Village), Rogers Park, West Ridge, and Douglas and Grand Boulevard on the South Side. Items in this collection include video footage used in an

West End Block Club Records

Organized in 1961 in Evanston, Illinois, West End Block Club was a neighborhood organization that focused on general relaying and resolving neighborhood concerns, such as park maintenance, too many one way streets, traffic lights, and public safety on the West side of the Evanston, Illinois.