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Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities collection of visual materials

Black-and-white photographic negatives (approximately 1059), photographic prints (383) and contact sheets (76); color transparencies (238) and photographic prints (4) depicting the activities of the Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities (LCMOC) and affiliated organizations, including the Housing Investments Fund (HIF), the Regional Housing Coalition, and the South Shore Scene newspaper. The majority of the images depict events, workshops, and publicity

Sigmund J. Osty visual materials

Black-and-white photographic prints depicting the built environment, predominantly in Chicago, but also Evanston, Skokie, and Galena, Illinois. All the images depict exterior views, the majority of which are street intersections, though the collection also documents streetscapes, residences, and individual businesses, particularly churches, department stores, and burlesque and pornographic film establishments. Osty most frequently documented the River North, Near North Side,