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Hyde Park Neighborhood Club records

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Club (HPNC) was founded in 1909 as part of the settlement house movement, to serve neglected or abandoned youth in Chicago's south side neighborhood of Hyde Park. It was deliberately named "the Club" as a reaction to the exclusivity of private clubs of the time. Over the years it has redefined its mission to respond to

Office of Student Affairs -- Organizations and Activities -- Student Life -- Flyers, Handbills and Brochures

Student Development Services operates within the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. The major components of Student Development Services are Student Leadership Development and Volunteer Services, The Wellness Center, Orientation, and the UIC Association of Parents. Each of the offices are designed to serve as a resource to students, faculty, staff, and the university community. They are also

Office of the Chancellor -- Student Activities Funding Committee (SAFC) -- Student Government -- Student Congress records

The Student Activities Funding Committee is a committee made up of 14 students and 7 faculty and staff members. An advisor from the Campus Programs Department oversees the committee. The Committee acts as an advisory to the Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. The mission of the office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs is to create a

Photograph collection

The Archives is responsible for identifying, appraising, collecting, organizing, describing, preserving, and making available for research and reference Rosary College and Dominican University records of sufficient historical, legal, fiscal or administrative value to warrant permanent preservation.

Records of the Department of African-American Student Affairs

The Records of the Department of African American Student Affairs (AASA), filling three boxes and spanning the years 1966 to 2001, contain valuable information on the development of the Black community at Northwestern University. The bulk of the records consist of historical information and materials relating to organizations, programs, and events under the sponsorship of the office. The Historical Records

University of Chicago. Office of Student Activities. Records

The University of Chicago's Office of Student Activities supported student life by advising and advocating for student organizations, coordinating space and facilities for events and meetings, creating programming, and helping student groups maintain financial stability. This collection consists of the administrative records of the Office of Student Activities from 1921 to 1981, with a concentration of material in the 1960s

University of Chicago. Student Government. Records

The University of Chicago's Student Government advocates for student issues in cooperation with the governing bodies of university faculty and administration. During the mid- to late-twentieth century, Student Government was active in campus programming, funded student organizations, participated in national student groups, and supported the student body's involvement with political and social issues. This collection includes administrative and procedural records