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"A division of the Negroes..."

Document entitled: "A division of the Negros made, and agreed to between Colo. George Lee and the brothers of the deceased Majr. Lawrence Washington." Lists enslaved people by name with the monetary value of each in two columns as belonging to Col. Lee's part or to the estate's part. On verso, endorsed by George Washington: "Papers relating to the several

African American Documents

The African American Documents is a small collection of documents and correspondence pertaining to Africans and their descendents in the Americas in the 18th and 19th centuries. Slavery materials from Rhode Island, Cape of Good Hope, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Virginia include correspondence on the slave trade and slave cargos, assignments on chain gangs, bills of sale,

Christopher Robert Reed Papers

Christopher Reed (1942 - ) is an author and historian who specializes in the history of African Americans in Chicago. From 1987 to 2009, he served as a professor at Roosevelt University. Aside from his academic pursuits, Dr. Reed serves on the Commission on Chicago Landmarks and various community organizations on the city’s West Side. The Christopher Reed papers span

Mason family papers

Author of Virginia Declaration of Rights and Constitution of 1776.

Phillip Sang papers

Phillip Sang was a collector of manuscript materials and memorabilia on slavery and abolitionism.

Platt R. Spencer Papers

Correspondence, photographs, copybooks, penmanship samples, cashbooks, newspaper clippings, poetry, essays, drawings, artifacts and miscellaneous personal items related to the life and career of Platt Rogers Spencer, penman, poet, and educator who created the Spencerian system of penmanship. The establishment of Spencerian schools of business was a highly successful endeavor in part because the entire family was involved in the business.

Sierra Leone collection with supplements about the Atlantic Slave Trade

This collection focuses primarily on the British administration of Sierra Leone, 1691-1833. The collection consists of items related to the British administration of Sierra Leone, including public and private papers of British officials in the colony of Sierra Leone, 1792-1825.

Slavery in North America Collection

The collection is comprised of various documents and letters from many sources which document slavery and the treatment of enslaved persons in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century, primarily in the United States. Documents include several bills of sale, a memorandum describing the slave trade in Havana (1783), estate inventories, public notices, letters, deeds, a will, and an indemnity bond. A

Thomas Fardon bill of sale for two enslaved people

Rumbouts, Dutchess County, New York. Bill of sale for 2 enslaved Black people to Abraham Fardon. Witnessed by John Gibson and Jacobus Fardon. Attested by Jacobus Fardon, Feb. 13, 1772, whose statement is notarized by Andrew Gautier. Red wax seal.

Victor Lawson Papers

Correspondence, reports, legal documents, contracts, and other materials pertaining to Victor Lawson’s life and career as a pioneering newspaperman and owner of the Chicago Daily News in early 1900s Chicago.