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Davis, Allison. Papers

Allison Davis (1902-1983), Professor of Education. The papers contain reprints, manuscripts, and annotated drafts, field notes and various interview data from key projects, correspondence and enclosures, research notes, and associated works by colleagues.

Misc. from Room 1045 - St. Clair Drake

In 1946, Drake became a professor at Roosevelt University. He was one of the first black faculty members at Roosevelt. While there, he created one of the first African American Studies programs in the United States. Drake taught at Roosevelt for 23 years before leaving to chair the African-American studies program at Stanford University. He was responsible for creating the

Toward Freedom Newsletter records

Toward Freedom is a newsletter founded by William Bross Lloyd, Jr. in the late 1950's to call American attention to civil rights issues, African colonial and postcolonial issues, and other occurrences of racial and religious discrimination across the globe.