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Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. Ephemera Collection

Posters, paper fans, broadsides, and other ephemera created by Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.

Black Women in the Middle West Project collection

Correspondence, lists, publicity materials, and other records of the Black Women in the Middle West (BWMW) Project, a grant-funded project to document the lives of African American women and organizations in Illinois and Indiana and to encourage the donation of their historical records to research repositories. Includes files created by the project under the administration of Darlene Clark Hine, an

Catholic Inter-Racial Council of Chicago poster collection

Includes handmade posters advertising support of equal housing, unionization, anti-war events, American Indians, and Catholic Inter-Racial Council events and awards, including the annual JFK awards. Some posters in the collection include photographs (pasted to board) of JFK-awardees, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1964) and Senator Paul Douglas (1970).

Claude A. Barnett broadsides collection

Primarily includes items relating to African Americans and associated events in Chicago and the United States. Events include the American Negro Exposition (1940 : Chicago, Ill.), the death of Edgar Brown (1954), the NAACP Annual Freedom Fund dinner (1959 : Chicago, Ill.), and concerts by singer Etta Moten (Mrs. Claude A. Barnett) ca. 1949-1959. Includes 2 U.S. government posters from

Estelle Carol materials on the Chicago Women's Liberation Union

Chicago Women's Liberation Union (CWLU) poster and phonograph record. Founded in 1969, the CWLU was a radical feminist organization. The 1972 record album features The Chicago Women's Liberation Rock Band and The New Haven Women's Liberation Rock Band. Chicago Women's Graphic Collective created the poster for the 2004-2005 exhibition: Outspoken: Chicago's Free Speech Tradition, which was displayed at The Newberry

Irene McCoy Gaines papers

Correspondence, mimeographed and printed material, certificates, posters, phonograph records of speeches, minutes of meetings and conventions, scrapbooks, and other papers relating to activities of Mrs. Gaines, a leader in local, state, and national organizations of African American club women, Chicago social service organizations, and the Republican Party. Topics include the civil rights movement; her service as president of the National