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Associated Negro Press Collection

The Associated Negro Press (1919-1967) was established in Chicago by Claude Barnett. It was the first black news wire service and the majority of its stories were about news affecting African Americans.

Dempsey Travis papers

Dempsey J. Travis (1920-2009) was an entrepreneur and civil rights activist whose real estate and mortgage businesses helped shape African American communities throughout Chicago during the mid-20th Century. Travis was also a prominent author who wrote about African American history, politics, and music. The papers include writing drafts, transcripts of interviews, and research.

DuSable Museum archival photographs

The museum’s photograph collection includes a variety of clippings, commercial publicity portraits, head shots, and candid photographs of people and events, apparently from individual personal collections, donations to the museum, collecting by museum staff, and museum events themselves. The photographs are in large part identified, and follow two arrangements: some are stored in Hollinger boxes with indexes, and some, all

Joanne Marten Photographs

Joanne Marten was a graduate student of photography in the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology's school of design.

Michael Abramson Photographs

Michael Abramson received a Master of Science/Photography from the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology's school of design, in 1977. "Black Night Clubs of Chicago's South Side 1977" was the title of his graduate thesis.

Richard Durham Papers

Richard Durham was a radio and television scriptwriter trained by the Federal Writer's Project of the WPA, a poet, and editor for the Chicago Defender. His prolific writing career would span four decades; Durham edited Mohammed Speaks, the official publication of the Nation of Islam in the 1960s; he created the television series Bird of the Iron Feather in the